Stuttgart (STR) Repülőtér és transzferek

Fedezze fel Stuttgart (STR) Repülőtér és transzferek

Stuttgart Airport is one of the busiest German airports, serving flights to over 140 destinations. It attracts close to 12 million fliers from Germany and the broader region.

Buszjáratok Stuttgart repülőterére

Útvonalak Utazási idő
Ulm – Stuttgart – Ulm 55 minutes
Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Karlsruhe 55 minutes

Flight delay at Stuttgart airport?

A járatok bármely reptéren késhetnek vagy változhatnak, és általában nem tud mit tenni a transzferrel ilyen esetekben. Az ügyfélszolgálatunk mindig elérhető a +386 1 431 7777 számon, és segítünk Önnek eljutni haza vagy a hotelébe.

If you’re stuck at the airport waiting for an outbound flight, check out their terminal facilities where you can find the nearest café, shops and all other facilities that can make your waiting pleasant.

A repülőtéren


Stuttgart Airport has many cafes where you can grab a coffee, any other drinks, snacks, and most importantly, a chair, when waiting for your delayed flight.

You can find some merchandise and a duty-free shop as well.


European airport security might not be as stringent as in the US, but remember, Stuttgart is very busy international airport, and you should expect lengthy security protocol queues. Airlines have their own baggage rules, but remember, some rules are valid for all the airlines. Don’t try to bring liquids in size that is not acceptable (above 100 ml) or sharp objects onto the plane, it’ll only lead you to lose your beverage, get stalled in the queue, or in the worst case, have to explain yourself to busy security checkpoint staff.

Mikor kell érkezni

For any international flight departing from Stuttgart Airport, make sure to arrive at least 2-2,5 hours hours before your flight for check-in. If your airline allows you to check in online, that might save you time in the queue, but you’re better off arriving early and having a drink than stressful rushing through the airport trying to chase down a closing gate.

Legfontosabb elérhetőségek

Info airport phone: +49 711 948-0

Security, lost & found Office: +49 711 948-3355

First Aid: +49 711 948-112


Gyakran ismételt kérdések

Can I buy my ticket to Stuttgart Airport from the Nomago InterCity driver?

It is possible, but very often, the transfer bus may arrive full. We highly recommend you purchase your tickets well in advance to reserve your seats on time. You can also download our Nomago mobile app and purchase your tickets there, so that you avoid printing and carrying physical tickets (just be sure to have some power left in your phone as you’re ready to board).

Mi történik, ha törölve lett egy olyan repülőjárat, amihez már megvettem a transzferbuszra szóló menetjegyeket?

Your airline or travel insurance may reimburse your transfer ticket costs, but we advise to check with them in advance.

A repülőtérre szeretnék menni, hogy elérjem a járatomat. Milyen transzfert válasszak?

You should always aim to take a bus which will arrive at the airport no less than 2,5 hours before your flight. The highways passing Stuttgart Airport are extremely busy with traffic and traffic jam can cause a road delay. That still leaves you within the mandatory 2 hours before your flight.

Más kérdésem vagy problémám van a transzferemmel kapcsolatban.

For all the questions we have not covered, do not hesitate to contact our call center anytime at +386 1 431 7777 and we’ll do all we can to answer or help out.