Ajánlás szerződési feltételei

Ajánlás szerződési feltételei


The following General Terms and conditions of Nomago Referral Program (hereinafter: Terms) define the terms of Nomago Referral Program.

Nomago Referral Program allows customers (hereinafter: Referrer) to refer Nomago InterCity services to friends and acquaintances (hereinafter: Referred friend). Upon a successful purchase by a Referred friend, the Referrer receives a reward according to Article 2 of this Terms, and the Referred friend will receive a Discount code for purchase of Nomago InterCity services as defined in these Terms.

Nomago customers who wish to participate in the Referral program can join freely and must agree with these Terms.

The Referral can be made through Email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other communication channel through which a URL address is exchanged.


Referrer – is a natural person that refers Nomago InterCity services to another person (Referred friend) and is eligible to receive a Referrer Reward under the conditions in these Terms

Referred friend – is a person who received a referral from the Referrer and may, in accordance with these Terms, receive and use a Discount code.

Referrer Reward – is a code that reduces the price of Nomago InterCity services, either by a fixed amount or percentage, granted by Nomago, and received by the Referrer.

Discount code– is a code that reduces the price of Nomago InterCity services, either by a fixed amount or percentage, granted by Nomago, and received by the Referred friend.

Rewards – are defined in the Nomago referral account platform.

Referral account – account where activity of Referrer is tracked; number of referred friends purchases are tracked and already received Referral Rewards are stored. One referral account is connected with one unique referral link.


A Referrer can receive a Referrer award if:

  • The Referred friends make a purchase through the link provided in the referral message;
  • The Referred friends are not previously included in referral program;
  • Referrer has gathered 10 purchases from referred friends;
  • There are no open issues regarding the referral and/or Referrer and/or Referred friend, such as fraudulent activity, bot automation, non-compliant platform use, etc.

The Referred friend must complete a purchase of Nomago InterCity service before the Referrer is granted any credit toward the Referrer Reward.

Any recipient of a Discount code/Referrer Reward can apply the code through the Nomago InterCity online ticketing system: , by entering the Discount code/Referrer Reward at the end of the payment process.



The Discount codes/Referrer Rewards can only be used for purchases of Nomago InterCity services.

The Discount codes/ Referrer Rewards acquired through referral program cannot be exchanged for cash or money in any form.

The Referrer is prohibited from receiving a Referral Reward through the creation of multiple Nomago referral accounts or other similar practices. Nomago Referral accounts and/or Referral Reward codes and/or link of the Referrer and Referred friend shall be terminated and removed if any practice of the Referrer or the Referred friend is considered fraudulent and/or abusive and all the rewards in the Referral account shall be annulled.



Referred friends receive Discount codes in the amount granted by Nomago. Referred friends can only use Discount codes if the person is a natural person.



A Referred friend may only use one referral link at the time of purchase. If a Referred friend receives referral links from multiple Referrers, only the Referrer associated with the final referral link used by the referred friend will receive the credit toward Referral award according to Article 2 of this Terms.



Personal and other data of Referrers that Nomago receives in relation with Nomago Referral Program (hereinafter: Program) is considered data that is required to achieve a contractual or legal purpose.

When the Referrer agrees to  these Terms and the privacy rules of Nomago which are an integral part of these Terms and are available at the web address: , he/she explicitly allows the carrier to process their personal data (state which: first and last name, address, email …) in connection with the purpose of ensuring the Nomago Referral Program or achieving the purpose of the concluded contract according to these Terms and as stated in the Privacy policy of Nomago which is available at the this website.

Nomago will keep and store all the personal data of the Referrers in accordance to the valid legislation connected to the protection of personal data.



The Discount codes/Referral Rewards obtained through fraudulent behavior and/or activities is void and null. The Nomago may delete the Referrer account and delete the Referrer Rewards if the Nomago deems the activity of the user or on the account is abusive or fraudulent or the Nomago has reason to believe the account shall be used for activities of such nature.

Nomago reserves the right to cancel or remove any referral links that are of the same nature. Nomago shall take no other liability from this Referral program than the promised Discount code for the Referred friend and Referral Reward for Referrer. Nomago has sole discretion to cancel or change any and all activities or granted Discount and/or Referral Rewards as we deem fair and appropriate.

If any provision in these Terms is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part that is making it invalid, void or unenforceable) will be struck and not affect the validity of and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Nomago reserves the right to change or modify these Terms at any time and publish them at

Nomago can discontinue the Nomago Referral Program (hereinafter: the Program) without prior notice; it may suspend the Program for a limited period of time and terminate the Program in whole or in part at any time and for any reason.

The Discount codes already received before changes written above can be used in one month’s period.

These Terms are valid from 25.7.2019. They are published at


Nomago d.o.o.

Mag. Sandi Brataševec, CEO

Marjan Beltram, Executive director for tourism and mobility services

Miha Tavčar, Executive finance director